How To Make Your Voice Deeper

Five science-backed ways to deepen your voice.

Most men want their voice to be deeper. You probably do, too.

Why? Because a low, resounding voice is associated with strength, masculinity, and reliability. In fact, science has gone as far to show that women find men with deeper voices significantly more attractive than ones with higher voices.

The story doesn’t end at attraction, either. It also has to do with capability.

There’s a reason that the vast majority of famous and powerful men have low, resounding voices — people instinctively infer from their deep voices that these man are competent. That they possess power. This association helps them in their career and social lives, and lets them more easily maneuver themselves into places of high importance.

Clearly, it’s better to have a deep voice than to not. Which begs the question — how, exactly, do you make your voice deeper?

First, a warning: it’s not easy. Most of the tactics involved in deepening your voice take substantial time and conscious effort to implement. But, like anything else, so long as you’re consistent, dedicated, and you practice every day, eventually you too can have that deep, booming voice others long for

The following short guide will show you 5 science-backed ways to deepen your voice.

1. Do Daily Voice-Deepening Exercises

Artistotle once said “We are the sum of our habits”…

I say “Your voice is the sum of your daily voice-deepening exercises”.

I know — I’m not as quotable — but it gets the point across.

In order to truly deepen your voice, you’ll need to commit to daily vocal exercises that stretch your ability to speak low. On average, this takes three to four weeks to begin seeing a difference — stick with it for two or three months and your voice will be substantially lower than when you began.

Engage in the following two exercises once per day for two to three months for best results:

1. A five minute vocal warm-up

2. A thirty minute vocal workout

2. Try Diaphragmatic Breathing

Your diaphragm is a thin band of muscle that pulls your lungs down while you breathe in. It helps you take a deep breath.

The problem? Most people ignore their diaphragm entirely, and try breathing with the tiny muscles in their ribcage instead. This makes their voice sound weak, raspy, and high.

To take a deep, diaphragmatic breath, stand up straight. Put your hands on your belly. And try breathing in to your stomach instead of your chest. It won’t feel like anything at first, but you’re actually inhaling significantly more air than you are when you breathe with your relatively weak chest muscles.

Practice doing this every day. Over time (and I mean time — don’t expect to get this for two or three months) it will become your natural mode of breathing. Since you’ll now have more air with which to speak, you’ll be able to speak longer, stronger, and with less rasp on the low end of your vocal register. Less rasp means more of your true, deep voice will come out.

3. Change Where Your Voice Resonates

Most people resonate their voices in their nasal cavity. This gives their voice an unattractive, shrill sound. Some call it sounding “nerdy” — I call it sounding “nasally”.

Instead, resonate your voice in your chest. I linked a helpful tutorial below (watch this video and you’ll never sound nasally again — Patrick is that good):

4. Adjust Your Vocal Tonality For Depth

Have you ever noticed that some men, despite having relatively high voices, still manage to sound deep and authoritative? Why do you think that is?

I’ll give you a hint — it’s not about the words that they say. It’s about how they’re saying them.

This is kind of cheating, since it won’t lower your base vocal pitch. But it will provide the impression that you’re speaking with depth, which is almost the same thing.

If you want an in-depth guide on how to do this, I wrote about it here.

For those of you that just want the cliffs notes, it goes like this:

  • There are three types of inflection: upwards, neutral, and downwards.
  • Upwards is where you finish a sentence at a higher pitch than you started with. It makes you sound like you’re asking a question. This is what you should avoid, since it implies you’re weaker or lower status than your conversation partner. It also makes it seem like you’re asking for permission — a big no-no in terms of social value.
  • Downwards is when you finish a sentence at a lower pitch than you started with. It makes you sound like you’re giving an order. This is what you should try and do every time, since it implies you’re stronger or higher status than your conversation partner. It also makes it seem like you’re confident in what you say, which oftentimes translates to a deeper sounding voice.
  • Neutral is… well… neutral. Your voice remains approximately the same pitch over the course of a sentence.

5. Get Vocal Surgery

If you’ve tried everything and nothing else has worked, and you’re incredibly desperate to change the character of your voice, you can always elect for surgery.

I personally don’t recommend it, since it’s incredibly invasive, a little dangerous, and overall very expensive, but if you feel that this is what you need, go right ahead. Don’t let anyone’s judgement stop you from going for your goals.

I will say one thing — surgery works. Afterwards, your voice will be substantially deeper than before. And your wallet will probably be substantially lighter… but at least you’ll have a cool voice.

6. Celebrate

Congratulations! If you’ve diligently followed the advice above, and you’ve stuck to daily vocal exercises for at least two to three months, your voice is likely now 10–20Hz lower than it was when you started. That’s deep, playa.

Go chug a beer! Or go parasailing with a horde of beautiful women. Or maybe pull off that sick underwater weld you’ve been waiting for! Basically, go do whatever manly men do. Because now you’re one of them.

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