105 Service Business Ideas That Will Make You Money In 2020

A blended mix of new & upcoming (and previously profitable) service business ideas for the New Year.

Are you making as much money as you want to be? Have you maximized your opportunities for wealth? I always catch myself wondering what life could have been like had I chosen a different career path, and I’m sure many of you are the same.

Maybe you feel like there’s something missing. Or maybe you just want to know what the alternatives are. Honestly, most people do.

I’ve spent the last few days compiling a huge list of service based business ideas to help bring out the entrepreneur in all of us.

So without further ado — whether you’re looking for a brand new career, or you’re jiving for a secondary stream of income to supplement your living expenses, here are 107 service business ideas that will make you money in 2020.

105 Service Business Ideas

  1. GED Test Preparation,
  2. Mobile Pet Grooming,
  3. Chiropractor,
  4. SEO Strategist,
  5. Acupuncturist,
  6. Website Designer,
  7. Graphic Designer,
  8. Content Writer,
  9. Certified Professional Accountant,
  10. Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance,
  11. Financial Auditor,
  12. IT Systems Consultant,
  13. Travel Agent,
  14. Valet Parking Service,
  15. Custom Baking,
  16. Hair Stylist,
  17. Life Coach,
  18. Private Car Service,
  19. Dog Walking,
  20. Appliance Repair,
  21. Private Music Teacher,
  22. Locksmith Services,
  23. Dry-Cleaning Delivery and Pick-Up,
  24. Mobile Car Mechanic,
  25. Bartending Services,
  26. Window Washing,
  27. Children’s Entertainment Services,
  28. Affiliate Sales and Marketing Consultant,
  29. Facebook Ads Strategist,
  30. Private Nursing Service,
  31. Bookkeeper,
  32. Fundraising Event Coordinator,
  33. Live Video Producer,
  34. Online English Tutor,
  35. Payroll Processing Service,
  36. Software Installation Service,
  37. Travel Concierge Services,
  38. Trade Show Producer,
  39. Home-Inspection Services,
  40. In-Home Physical Therapist,
  41. Elder Companion & Care Provider,
  42. Instagram Marketing Strategist,
  43. Mobile Notary Public,
  44. Makeup Artist, App Developer,
  45. Interior Painting Service,
  46. Homeschool Teacher,
  47. Plumbing Service,
  48. Event Catering Services,
  49. Virtual Assistant,
  50. Podcast Producer,
  51. Data Analysis,
  52. Home Cleaning Service,
  53. Legal Process Server,
  54. Freelance Researcher,
  55. Photo Booth Rental Service,
  56. Event Photographer,
  57. Financial Consultant,
  58. College Essay Editor,
  59. Mobile IT Support Service,
  60. Seamstress or Tailor Services,
  61. Home Maintenance Equipment Rental,
  62. Pet Sitting,
  63. Social Media Manager,
  64. Carpet Installation Service,
  65. Lawn Care,
  66. Cover Letter and Resume Writer,
  67. Event DJ,
  68. Computer Repair Service,
  69. Home Entertainment Installation,
  70. Data Management Consultant,
  71. Porcelain Repair,
  72. In-Home Masseuse,
  73. Meditation Instructor,
  74. Personal Wardrobe Stylist,
  75. Meal Delivery Service,
  76. Private Yoga Instructor,
  77. Vehicle Inspection Service,
  78. Editing & Proofreading Service,
  79. Power Washing Service,
  80. Ski or Snowboarding Instructor,
  81. Contract Drafting & Review Service,
  82. Wedding Planner,
  83. Children’s Party Planner,
  84. Corporate Event Planner,
  85. Personal Chef,
  86. Scubadiving or Snorkelling Instructor,
  87. Grocery Shopping and Delivery,
  88. Private School Application Consultant,
  89. SAT Tutoring & Preparation,
  90. Mobile Car-Wash and Detailing,
  91. Content Marketing Strategist,
  92. Marketing Copywriter,
  93. Public Relations Consultant,
  94. eBook Ghostwriter,
  95. Windshield Repair Service,
  96. Mobile Veterinary Services,
  97. Personal Fitness Trainer,
  98. Event Videographer,
  99. Pool Servicing and Maintenance,
  100. Cruise Booking Agent,
  101. Private Investigator,
  102. Email Marketing Manager,
  103. Online Dating Consultant,
  104. Handyman Service,
  105. Academic Tutoring

In 2020, there are more opportunities to generate wealth than ever before. In most cases, you can start your own wildly successful business for just a few hundred dollars! Twenty or thirty years ago, this would have been considered a miracle — now it’s a daily occurence!

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